The Profit is a CNBC original program in which business and branding expert Marcus Lemonis attempts to save failing businesses. After some preliminary research Marcus visits prospective businesses to get an in-depth, firsthand look at the company and their products.

Marcus looks for his three P’s: Product, Process and People. During his visit he goes through the company with a fine toothed comb, evaluating their financial situation and the reasons behind their struggle for success. Marcus looks for a product that has untapped potential but fills a need in the market. The process in which the businesses operate are often chaotic, needlessly expensive, or counterproductive. Marcus looks for opportunities to streamline production and distribution, and this is often the easiest of the P’s to address. The people are the most important ingredient in any business and much of Marcus’s time is spent evaluating the business owners, employees and company morale.

If there is a strong foundation and a promising future Marcus will offer to invest in the business and become an active partner. If the owners choose to accept Marcus’s offer they relinquish control of their company to him for the duration of the show and sometimes beyond. It is often difficult for business owners to let go and be open to fundamentally changing their business models. When Marcus takes control he may drastically reshape the company, often investing large amounts of money in equipment, infrastructure and remodeling.



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Fans of reality television no doubt know of Marcus Lemonis as the star of the hit CNBC series “The Profit,” a show dedicated to one man’s goal of helping struggling small businesses wherever possible. Though the show is only four seasons old, it’s already a smash – in addition to getting its own spin-off series called “The Partner,” ratings increased 115% year-over-year between season one and season two alone.

Marcus Lemonis is more than just a television star, however. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, he’s an accomplished businessman, inventor, philanthropist and CEO of both Camping World and Good Sam Enterprises. Despite all this, his journey to get to the hugely successful position that he’s in today will no doubt sound very familiar.

In the Beginning

Marcus Lemonis’ rise to the very peak of success started simply enough when he worked his way up through the inner rankings at AutoNation in the 1990s. From there, he transitioned to become the CEO of Holiday RV Superstores, Inc. – something that then allowed him to co-found his own company called FreedomRoads. This company then merged with Camping World in 2006 and then with Good Sam Enterprises in 2011, allowing him to become the CEO of those organizations in one fell swoop.

Lemonis’ career began shooting towards the stratosphere when Camping World announced a partnership with NASCAR, allowing the business to sponsor hugely popular driver John Andretti. Flash forward to just a few years later in 2009 when the company became one of the top three sponsors in the entire sport.

Never Forget Where You Came From

One of the most important thing to understand about Lemonis’ success is the prevailing theme of “never forget your humble beginnings” that has been present through much of his career. Lemonis’ doesn’t help struggling businesses because it means big TV ratings – he’s always been actively involved in helping people in their time of need, long before he had a TV show.

A business called Rose’s Bakery & Wheat Free Café was scheduled to close permanently in 2012 before Lemonis stepped in, first writing a check that would allow the bakery to stay open and then becoming the majority owner of the business with an additional investment. Today, Rose’s Bakery & Wheat Free Café is not only still open – but it also opened a second location under his direction.

Amazing Grapes. Dapper Classics. Mr. Green Tea. Sweet Pete’s. Key West Key Lime Pie Co. These are ALL examples of businesses that might not be around today were it not for Lemonis’ generosity.

After being named the RV Businessman Magazine “Newsmaker of the Year” in 2007 and the Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2008, all before “The Profit” was even a twinkle in a CNBC executive’s eye, it’s easy to see why Lemonis is someone to keep your eye on for both expertise and inspiration moving forward.