Make Me a Millionaire Inventor is a reality TV series on CNBC that gives everyday, garage workshop level inventors the tools, team and resources they need to bring their ideas to life. The show’s goal is find the best inventions NEVER made and take them to market. They’re not looking for investment opportunities with young companies like many of the TV investment shows, they feature amateur part-time inventors with big dreams who lack the resources, experience and connections to pursue them.

On each episode Diane Bell (engineer and founder of and George Zaiden (educator, producer of educational television programs and general science nerd) choose a promising idea that they believe has the potential to make millions and attempt to create a working prototype and secure an investment from an industry leader. There is a friendly rivalry between Diane and George to see who can find the best untapped ideas and develop them into profitable businesses.

Diane and George enlist the help of Bluefish Concepts (a product development company) to engineer and produce prototypes that are in the design or concept phase, and re-imagine products that need a complete overhaul. Bluefish keeps on eye on details like manufacturing costs and profit margins, and build a working product that is then market tested in real world situations.

At the end of each episode Diane and George set up meetings with top investors looking for innovative products in their markets. It’s up to the inventor to make the pitch and negotiate the details of a possible equity investment.



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