Everyday Edisons is an Emmy Award winning PBS series where amateur inventors pitch their ideas to a panel of seasoned product developers. If the panel is impressed with a concept and sees its potential or need in the market, they put their engineering team to work building and testing prototypes with the goal of turning them into viable and profitable products.

The show’s focus is on giving opportunities to everyday people who lack the resources and connections to turn their dream into reality, not on funding experienced entrepreneurs or companies that are already successfully raising money or selling their products.

PBS released 4 seasons of the show and has moved the concept into an online community called Edison Nation. Anyone can pitch an idea there and connect with companies that are actively seeking innovative products. The Edison Nation team evaluates each idea and can offer resources and guidance, help secure funding, and potentially move it forward into development and distribution.

The series is currently not being distributed through major networks or digital platforms but you can find some episodes on YouTube.

Visit Edison Nation

Here’s a quick overview of the Edison Nation website and how they can help inventors: