Dragons’ Den is a family of reality TV business investment shows produced in 31 countries. The American version is called Shark Tank, though the series is most commonly titled Dragons’ Den or a close variation of that. It some countries it goes by Lions’ Den. The show orginated in Japan in 2001, where it was called マネーの虎 (Money Tigers). British network BBC Two bought the rights to the show’s concept and format and retitled it Dragons’ Den. The structure and style of the UK version then spread to the rest of the world.

The format for all the different versions is the same. Entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas and products to a panel of scrutinizing business experts in hopes of securing an investment to grow or save their businesses. Entrepreneurs propose an investment amount and the percentage of company equity they are offering in return. From there the panel will grill the entrepreneurs about their business model, sales, profits, experience, and future strategies. If they are impressed with the answers they begin negotiating the parameters of an investment. Sometimes members of the investor panel will compete with one another’s offers or team up and invest together, often for a higher percentage of company ownership.



CBC Website

You can watch all the episodes of the Canadian series for free on the CBC website spanning 10 seasons. Some of them feature Mr. Wonderful of the American version.

BBC Website

You can watch select episodes and clips of the UK series on the BBC Two website for free.


North American Versions

The Canadian version goes by Dragons’ Den and has been a popular show for 11 seasons and counting.

The U.S. series reaches 8 million viewers under the title Shark Tank. There have been 7 seasons so far.

European Versions

The British series is called Dragons’ Den and is the longest running version with 14 seasons.

The Austrian version is called 2 Minuten 2 Millionen (2 Minutes 2 Million).

The French version is Dans l’œil du dragon (In the Dragon’s Eye).

The show was produced in Croatia under the name Zmajevo Gnijezdo but was never aired. Robert Herjavec (a regular cast member of the American version Shark Tank who began in the cast of the Canadian version) was born in Croatia.

In the Czech Republic, the show is called Den D (The D-Day).

In Denmark the show premiered in 2015 under the title Løvens Hule (“Lions’ Den”).

The show aired for one season in Finland with the name Leijonan Kita (Lion’s Mouth) and re-emerged six years later as Leijonan Luola (Lion’s Den).

The show is called Die Höhle der Löwen (Lions’ Den) in Germany. It enjoyed a successful first season and was renewed in 2015.

The Irish version titled Dragons’ Den ran for 7 seasons and incorporated a live audience who could decide if the entrepreneur should get the investment.

Dragons’s Den ran for two years starting in 2007 in the Netherlands.

The series has very popular in Poland since 2011 under the title Dragons Den – How to Be a Millionaire. In 2011 an entrepreneur received a record breaking 15,000,000 PLN or $5,500,000 U.S. dollars.

The show has aired with the name Shark Tank in Portugal since 2015.

In Romania the show is called Arena Leilor (Lions Arena).

In Slovenia the show was called Dober Posel (Good Deal).

The Spanish series is named Tu Oportunidad (Your Opportunity).

In Sweden the show aired for two seasons with the name Draknästet (The Dragons’ Nest).

The show ran under the name Акули бізнесу (Business Sharks) in Ukraine.

Middle Eastern Versions

In Afghanistan the show was called Fikr wa Talash.

In Lebanon it was called Al Aareen العرين (The Den).

The Egyptian version is El Mashrou3 (“The Project”).

In Israel the series was entitled Hakrishim (The Sharks).

The Turkish version of the show goes by Dragons’ Den.

The UK series aired in Saudi Arabia in 2010 which led to the creation of their own version in 2011 called التجار (Traders).

Australian Version

The Australian version was titled Dragons’ Den and aired in 2005. It ran for one season but got low ratings. It was then rebranded as Shark Tank in 2015 and was successful. The original series was broadcast in New Zealand along with the UK version, which led to the creation of their own series.

Asian Versions

The original show aired for 3 years in Japan beginning in 2001 and was called マネーの虎 (Money Tigers).

The Russian series is called KAPITAL.

African Versions

The show was adapted in 2008 for a weekly show in Nigeria.

The South African series is titled Dragon’s Den and had two seasons starting in 2014.