America’s Greatest Makers an investment competition show for tech products sponsored by Intel and produced by TBS and Mark Burnett (Shark Tank).  Inventors present their ideas to a panel of judges in hopes to win a $1,000,000 grand prize to launch their products worldwide. All inventions must fit under the “smart device” or “wearable technology” category and must use the Intel Curie hardware module.

The panel consists of Brian Krzanich (CEO of Intel and enthusiastic maker), Carol Roth (radio and TV personality, best-selling author and investor),  Kevin Pereira (TV producer, angel investor and host of Hack My Life), and a weekly special guest judge (including Kenny Smith, Mayim Bialik, Shaquille O’Neal, Massimo Banzi and Mike Rowe).

In season one, 24 finalists pitched their inventions to the panel followed by a short Q&A. The judges then vote YES or NO to determine which teams move on to Round Two. The top 15 teams surviving Round One elimination are sent to tech camp where they work with mentors on refining their products and developing marketing strategies.

Inventors then present their refined products to the panel in the Make or Break elimination round and must demonstrate improvements they’ve made based on the judges comments from Round One. The judges then vote and the final 5 inventors move on to Round Three and receive $100,000.

The final 5 teams continue to put finishing touches on their inventions and address the concerns and comments of the judges. They meet again with business advisors and mentors to craft their final pitch. They present their final products to the panel and the final vote determines the million dollar winner.



Complete Series

You can watch the entire series for free on the America’s Greatest Makers website. Check your local listings for episodes on the TBS channel.